The Delicious Food And Live

The Delicious Food And Live Chinese drama
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Title: The Delicious Food And Live

Chinese Title: 海棠花开炊烟起 / Hai Tang Hua Kai Chui Yan Qi

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Genre: Historical, Romance, Food

Director: Yang Shuai, Zhong Wei Xi

Producer: Wang Yi Qing

Production Company: HualuBaina Film, GR Culture

Episodes: 24

The Delicious Food And Live Synopsis

The innocent and lovely Tang Wei admires the prosperity of Chang’an, so she comes here and meets Duan Qi, the son of the prime minister, and a story full of laughter begins. The two shared delicious food and thoughts together, and their relationship grew stronger.

Later, Tang Wei and her friend Su Shu opened a braised food stall, which started their entrepreneurial careers. As time passes and things change, the relationship between Tang Wei and Duan Qi gets better and better, but the gap between their identities and positions is also highlighted, and their relationship faces many tests. As winter turns to spring and the begonia flowers bloom, the two people who never leave each other overcome many difficulties. Tang Wei finds his life dream, and Duan Qi also completes his pursuit under the influence of Tang Wei.

The Delicious Food And Live Cast

Lai Yu Meng as Tang Sheng
Guan Yue as Duan Cheng Qi
Mu Le En as Su Zhu
Zhang Jie as Li Jian Jian
Zhao Zhe Chen as Xuan Lin
Sun Yan Qing as Yang Qin Er
Bao Jia Cheng as Zhang Si Yuan
Xu Hai Qiao as Shan Zu
Wang Tian Yu as Jiang Ying
Lu Ming as Lin Yi

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