Mr. Delicious Miss. Match

Mr. Delicious Miss. Match Chinese drama
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Title: Mr. Delicious Miss. Match

Chinese Title: 火柴小姐和美味先生 / Huo Hua Xiao Jie He Mei Wei Xian Sheng

Broadcast Network: Zhejiang TV web (Z视介)

Broadcast Date: 18 April 2024

Genre: Romance, Food

Director: Yu Zhong Zhong, Chen Chang

Screenwriter: Xu Su, Fu Li, Li Jing

Episodes: 46

Mr. Delicious Miss. Match Synopsis

Story of Ruan Tang, possesses special ability to discern any dish’s recipe. She wants to become a food editor, but her father wants her to take over his restaurant and Chen Moyu, a black bellied chef.

Mr. Delicious Miss. Match Cast

Main Roles

Chen Xiao as Chen Moyu
Ivy Chen as Ruan Tang

Supporting Roles

Li Mao as Li Hengji
Tian Lei as Yang Zigeng
Zhou Chu Chu as Tang Xingzi
Ruan Sheng Wen as Wang Hao
Jin Shi Jie as Ruan Tang’s father
He Feng Tian as Wang Songrong

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