The Wind Of Journey

The Wind Of Journey Chinese drama
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Title: The Wind Of Journey

Chinese Title: 我的归途有风 / Wo De Gui Tu You Feng

Broadcast Network: Douyin

Broadcast Date: 16 February 2024

Genre: Life, Healing, Food

Director: Wang Xue Yu

Producer: Liu Zi Fan

Episodes: 18

The Wind Of Journey Synopsis

It tells the story of 28-year-old Xu Youfeng from Beidiao, who returned to his hometown of Sichuan to fulfill his competitor’s last wish and met Xie Guitu, the inheritor of Sichuan cuisine, an intangible cultural heritage. In the process of getting to know Xie Guitu, Xu Youfeng healed himself with delicious food, felt the warmth of his hometown, and regained his original intention.

The Wind Of Journey Cast

Liu Mei Han as Xu Youfeng
Pang Han Chen as Xie Guitu

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