Ba Yu Lian Shang Mao

Ba Yu Lian Shang Mao Chinese Drama
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Title: Mackerel Falls in Love with Cat

Chinese Title: 鲅鱼恋上猫 / Ba Yu Lian Shang Mao

Also known As: 鲅鱼爱上猫 / Ba Yu Ai Shang Mao

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 07 April 2024

Genre: Romance

Director: Yin Qi

Screenwriter: Yin Qi

Producer: Lu Guo Qiang

Episodes: 24

Ba Yu Lian Shang Mao Synopsis

At the hotel inheritance ceremony, Wu Xiao Song dramatically met Chen Ying Zi, who was in charge of refurbishing the hotel. Chen Ying Zi became the number one public enemy of merchants in Liaohe Old Street. In order to keep the hotel, Wu Xiao Song had to bite the bullet and contact Chen Ying Zi.

In order for Chen Ying Zi to successfully complete the transformation plan, she must also cross the hurdle of the family. The two butt heads but eventually became friends. They also developed a touch of affection during several exchanges. When the renovation plan came to an end, Chen Ying Zi chose kindness and used a set of ancient building protection schemes to save Wu Jia Hotel and win the trust of the merchants.

Ba Yu Lian Shang Mao Cast

Xiao Xu as Yu Sanlian
Zhao Yuan Yuan as Chen Yingzi
Liu Hua as Fan Jianshe
Bai Ge as Na Zi
Han Yun Yun as Ai Qian
Yi Yun He as Cai Zhouzhou
Zhang Wei Na as Yu Shujuan
Zhang Da Jing as Yu Shuping
Gao Yi Han as Yu Shuhua
Hu Jian as Tang Jingxian
Jin Kai Jie as Wang Dongyang

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