The Legend Of Ba Yi’s Grandpa

The Legend Of Ba Yi's Grandpa Movie
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Title: The Legend Of Ba Yi’s Grandpa

Chinese Title: 常乐镇诡事 / Chang Le Zhen Gui Shi

Also Known As: Strange Things in Changle Town

Release Date: 06 January 2024

Duration: 1 hr. 27 min

Genres: Adventure, Thriller

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The Legend Of Ba Yi’s Grandpa Synopsis

The story of Hu Guo Hua, who is framed and loses his family fortune in a rigged gambling scheme. Desperate and reckless, he even resorts to desecrating his ancestors’ graves for money. At his lowest point, he absurdly marries a paper bride for financial gain. However, a chance encounter with the tomb raider Sun Guo Fu brings enlightenment. Though fate deals him a cruel blow, leading to the loss of his beloved, Hu Guo Huo learns from his mistakes and transforms from a wayward scion into a skilled tomb raider.

The Legend Of Ba Yi’s Grandpa Cast

Main Roles

Chang Long as Hu Guo Hua
Zhao Jia Min as Xiao Hua

Supporting Roles

Wei Zi Qian as Hu San
Wang Lu as Hu Chang Shou
Liu Ben as Wang Er Gang Zi
Wang Kan as Sun Guo Fu
Lemon Li as [Paper bride]
Liang Guo Rong as Hu Guo Hua [Old]
Cui Yong Xuan as Master Ji

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