Chasing The Wind Chinese drama
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Title: Chasing The Wind

Chinese Title: 我将喜欢告诉了风 / Wo Jiang Xi Huan Gao Su Le Feng

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Sports, Romance, Youth

Director: Zou Xi, Wu Bin, Hao Wan Jun

Screenwriter: Ba Yue Chang An

Producer: Fang Fang, Wu Xue Song, Chen Lei

Production Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures, Shandong Film & TV

Episodes: 20

Chasing The Wind Synopsis

Due to a childhood competition, Lin Ge was recommended by Nie Chi to enter a sports school and began her career in short-track speed skating. Lin Ge is optimistic, bold, and detail-oriented, while Nie Chi is calm, sharp, and full of ideals. Under the loving care of their fatherly coach, Fang Shizhong, they grew up and entered the provincial team with Fang’s son, Fang Chao.

Lin Ge was trapped in a complex family that favored boys and had irregular training and weak foundations, while Nie Chi found it difficult to adapt to team tactical training due to his straightforward and cold personality. Despite facing setbacks in training, the trio supported each other, and Nie Chi gradually developed feelings for Lin Ge.

With the successful bid for the Beijing Winter Olympics, they quickly grew from wild students in the sports school to members of the national training team under the careful guidance of the experienced provincial coach Han Bing. They met, competed, and parted with various teammates and opponents, overcoming injuries, difficulties, and the confusion of fame. Eventually, they joined hands and stepped onto the international arena, defending national honor with their youthful passion.

Chasing The Wind Cast

Jiang Zhen Yu as Lin Ge
Gu Zi Cheng as Nie Chi
Shi Ming Ze as Fang Chao
Chen Jia Wen as Zhu Zhu
Xia Ning Jun as Gao Kai
Zeng You Zhen as Xie Lingwei
Gong Zheng as Li Haifeng
Xu Wei as Han Bing
Sun Da Chuan as Fang Shizhong

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