Tian Shu Li Ming Chinese drama
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Title; Tian Shu Li Ming

Chinese Title: 天书黎明 / Tian Shu Li Ming

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Historical, Mystery, Adventure, Youth

Director: Shi Lei, Ma Hua Gan

Screenwriter: Yang Hong Wei, Liu Cheng Long, Guo HaoProducer: Zhou Shuai Bo, Cong Fang Bing, Jin Yu

Executive Producer: Xie Ying

Production Company: Youku

Episodes: 36

Tian Shu Li Ming Synopsis

The young Hua Fusheng is ignorant of the world, but he is obsessed with medicine. His unconventional medical practice makes the people in the city love and fear him. Hua Fusheng was mistaken for being a murderer because of the deaths of a hundred doctors, and the clues in the letter left by his master seemed to point to the mysterious “Book from Heaven”.

It just so happened that Wen Yu, the daughter of Liangzhou’s City Lord, and Gu Tian, the successor of a hundred operas, were also involved, and the three of them went to Liangzhou to investigate together. Wen Yu borrowed the power of the City Lord’s mansion to protect Hua Fusheng from opening a medical clinic in Liangzhou, and Gu Tian assisted in gathering information with his eloquent tongue. Hua Fusheng seeks the truth while practicing medical treatment for the poor in Liangzhou, but strange things happen frequently, and the puzzle becomes more and more complicated. Hua Fusheng didn’t know that his arrival had quietly caused an undercurrent in Liangzhou City…

Tian Shu Li Ming Cast

Main Roles

Li Hong Yi as Hua Fusheng
Su Xiao Tong as Wen Yu
Yu Cheng En as Gu Tian

Supporting Roles

Wang Zi Xuan as Ying Ying
Yu Xiang as Wen Jiu
Peng Ya Qi as Tuoba Ruo
Song Jia Teng as Sun Siming
Dai Yan Ni as Guo Sishui
Jin Jia as Wen Yu

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