Da He Zhi Shui

Da He Zhi Shui Chinese drama
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Title: Da He Zhi Shui

Chinese Title: 大河之水 / Da He Zhi Shui

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Crime

Director: Song Wei, Liang Hao, Xiong Xiao Xiong

Production Company: iQiyi, Force Culture

Episodes: 40

Da He Zhi Shui Synopsis

Zheng Hao, director of the Risk Control Bureau of the Lingshui District Taxation Bureau of Xindong City, used big data technology to repeatedly solve major cases and was transferred to the Inspection Bureau as the chief of the second inspection section by his ex-girlfriend Liang Jinqiu.

After working hard in a foreign country for many years, he returned to China to develop his career at this time; and Zhao Mingda, a professor at the University of Finance and Economics with whom the two were known as the “Iron Triangle of High IQs” during college, is in trouble because of his daughter’s illness. Xindong seems to be peaceful and peaceful, but in the dark, there is a huge criminal network that makes profits by evading taxes. The fate of several people is involved in the unknown by various sudden circumstances.

Da He Zhi Shui Cast

Nie Yuan as Zheng Hao
Yang Rong as Liang Jinqiu

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