The Farewell Song

The Farewell Song Chinese drama
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Title: The Farewell Song

Chinese Title: 离歌 / Li Ge

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date: 31 March 2024

Genre: Romance, Youth, Suspense

Director: Wen Hua

Screenwriter: Rao Xue Man

Producer: Rao Xue Man

Production Company: Motion Pictures, ZFG Iron Man, The Dream House

Episodes: 24

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The Farewell Song Synopsis

Ma Zhuo was born in Ya’an, Yucheng. At the age of eight, her mother Lin Guoguo took her to Chengdu to live together. She grew up with Xia Gang’s son Xia Ze. The two childhood sweethearts became each other’s first love. Lin Guoguo and Xia Gang were accidentally involved in a bizarre murder case. From then on, Ma Zhuo and Xia Ze were emotionally dislocated and their fates were twists and turns. They searched for the truth about their fathers amidst dangers and thorns.

The Farewell Song Cast

Li Ting Ting as Ma Zhuo
Zhou Cheng Ao as Xia Ze
Mi Mi as Yu Anduo
Cui Yu Xin as Xiao Zhe
Shao Bing as Yu Dekai
Ni Jing Yang as Mo Li

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