In Blossom Chinese drama
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Title: In Blossom

Chinese Title: 花间令 / Hua Jian Ling

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date: 15 March 2024

Genre: Thriller, Historical, Romance, Fantasy

Director: Zhong Qing

Screenwriter: Yu Hai Lin, Zhong Jing

Chief Producer: Zhou Shuai Bo, Zong Yi, Zhou Ji

Producer: Rui Ye, Zhou Yi Yang

Executive Producer: Xie Ying, Zhou Wei Cheng

Costume Designer: He Qian

Art Director: Dong Zhi Liang

Production Company: Sheng Xi Hua Shi Culture Media, Bamboo Flute Media

Episodes: 32

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In Blossom Synopsis

In the sinful city of Heyang, Pan Yue, who was throwing lots of fruit and carts, married Yang Cai Wei, whom everyone despises. On the day of the wedding, Yang Cai Wei was killed, and the suspect was Pan Yue. Yang Cai Wei, who “resurrected from the dead”, returned “fiercely” under the guise of “evil girl” Shangguan Zhi and was about to expose Pan Yue’s true face.

In the process of bravely fighting against the evil forces of the “Four Great Clans” and investigating old cases, the two hearts came closer again. Yang Cai Wei found out that the real murderer who killed her was someone else, and Pan Yue loved her deeply from beginning to end. Everything is about to be perfect, but the people behind the scenes once again set up a trap, trying to push the two to an end of doom.

In Blossom Cast

Ju Jing Yi as Yang Caiwei / Shangguan Zhi
Liu Xue Yi as Pan Yue
Wu Jia Yi as Bai Xiaosheng
Li Ge Yang as Zhuo Lanjiang
Zheng He Hui Zi as Yang Caiwei
Zhang Rui as Shangguan Lan
Ding Jie as Ling’er
Liu Jin Yan as Lu Aige
Hei Zi as Zhuo Shanju
Xu Bai Hui as Qing Di
Zhao Long Hao as Gu Yong
Qi Pei Xin as A Ze
Shi Hao Zheng as Cai Sheng
Xiao Song Yuan as Old Clerk
Zhong Wei Hua as Old Jiang Head

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