Secrets Of The Shadow Sect

Secrets Of The Shadow Sect Chinese drama
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Title: Secrets Of The Shadow Sect

Chinese Title: 皎月流火 / Jiao Yue Liu Huo

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date: 12 March 2024

Genre: Wuxia, Romance

Director: Zhang Ao

Screenwriter: Qian Yu Zhi Cheng

Producer: Zhang Ming Guo

Production Company: Perfect World, Chinese All, Youku

Episodes: 24

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Secrets Of The Shadow Sect Synopsis

Morally ambiguous, the Spiritual Heaven Sect is an influential sect that has remained in seclusion for years. Its Young Lady, Ling Xuan, encountered a pair of dying siblings during her travels ten years ago. In exchange for saving the younger sister’s life, she proposed a ten-year pact with the young man. She brought him into the Shadow Pavilion of the Spiritual Heaven Sect for training. If he could survive and graduate ten years later, he would become her assistant. The young man fought desperately and finally left the Shadow Pavilion alive with a new name, Ying Shi.

However, the Spiritual Heaven Sect has fallen into a vulnerable state. Ling Xuan’s father, the sect leader, coveted the Wanxin Technique and wanted to take it away from her mother. He incited chaos in the martial arts world and even turned against his own daughter. Forced to protect herself and devise a counterattack, Ling Xuan must disguise herself as a useless fool who is unreasonable and ruthless. At this very moment, Ying Shi is sent by the Shadow Pavilion to approach Ling Xuan in search of the Wanxin Technique. Through suspicions, testing, and dangers during their journey, they eventually build complete trust in each other. However, just as they have fallen for each other, Ling Xuan discovers the secret of Ying Shi’s birth.

Secrets Of The Shadow Sect Cast

Hu Yi Yao as Ling Xuan
Lin Ze Hui as Ying Shi
Wu Tian Hao as Ling Rong
Yuan Zi Ming as Zhan Yuechi
Hou Yi Ge as Ling’er

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