Just in Time

Just in Time Chinese drama
When she was middle-aged and thought that everything was under control, Xu Mengan's life suddenly got out of control. The company laid off a large number of employees, promotion in the workplace was blocked,

The Story of Suzhou

The Story of Suzhou Chinese drama
Zhu Yiran, the inheritor of the Sushan spiritual cultural heritage project, and Shen Feng, an ancient city conservation engineer who just returned from overseas, work together to contribute their youthful strength to the inheritance of spiritual cultural heritage.

To the Wonder

To the Wonder Chinese drama
It tells the story of Li Wenxiu, a Han girl who grew up in Altay. The pursuit of her literary dreams in the big city is fraught with difficulties, so she reluctantly returns to her hometown to her mother who runs a small provision store.

Brilliant God

Brilliant God Chinese drama
Xia Feng is an orphan. He unfortunately died unexpectedly on the day of his proposal. His girlfriend, Mu Qing, is a doctor. She rushed to rescue but failed and was extremely sad. Xia Feng looked at Mu Qing and couldn't bear to die

A Hero Without A Name

A Hero Without A Name Chinese drama
1940s, Chengdu. College student Zheng Xiaonan was a bloody young man. He witnessed innocent people dying in Japanese bombings. Under the influence of his classmates who were Communist Party members at the university

Shanghai Picked Flowers

Shanghai Picked Flowers Chinese drama
Set during the year 1910 in old Shanghai, it follows an inconsequential paparazzi who becomes a big shot in the industry and his involvement with ten female celebrities

Quiet Among Disquiet

Quiet Among Disquiet Chinese drama
After graduating from university, a recruitment notice led Lin Mo to apply for a job as a magazine editor. She helps "Feng Shang" magazine publication grow from a small magazine house to a renowned one. However, the arrival international


Northward Chinese drama
The story tells the story of young people who grew up by the canal and went from Flower Street to Beijing. After spending their innocent youth, they also experienced a positive and difficult period of going north to start a business. When glory or