Secrets Of The Shadow Sect

Secrets Of The Shadow Sect Chinese drama
Morally ambiguous, the Spiritual Heaven Sect is an influential sect that has remained in seclusion for years. Its Young Lady, Ling Xuan, encountered a pair of dying siblings during her travels ten years ago. In

Sunshine In Winter

Sunshine In Winter Chinese drama
The story of the heroine Wu Weiwei, who decides to return to China to seek justice for her mother after learning the truth about her mother's suicide. As a result, she meets Ye Jingliang, the son of the wealthy Ye family. Bring down the scumbag father and clear the mother's wrongdoin

Just Between Us

Just Between Us Chinese drama
It tells a heartwarming story about the cold-looking foreign chef Wang Tingzhi and his daughter Wang Qianqian, and the local Macau hot pepper Huang Yilin and her

All I See Is You

All I See Is You Chinese drama
A modern female forensic doctor is reborn as a murderer in ancient times? Watch the guilty servant girl Mo Linlang make a shocking counterattack, use modern technology to solve strange cases,

Dear Contract Boyfriend

Dear Contract Boyfriend Chinese drama
There was a "human-machine integration" alien who accidentally landed on the earth. He met a calm IT girl who was a high achiever, but it turned out that she was obsessed with idol drama and

Bell Ringing

Bell Ringing Chinese drama
The fantasy love story of a hundred-year-old lonely knight Chi Ye and a cunning fox girl Shen Qi on the paradise-like Silver Bell Island.

Golden House Hidden Love

Golden House Hidden Love Chinese drama
Jin Xia, a girl who thinks she will be single for the rest of her life, uses a 30-year loan to buy an ancient mansion in the small “Wangqi Town” by the sea. On the first night of moving into the ancient mansion