Wu Ran

Wu Ran Chinese drama
Chao Lu finds her master, the man she dearly loves, in danger, and everything she holds close to her gets taken away. She decides to travel hundreds of years back in time to alter her fate. There, she meets Mu Ting, who pushes himself in danger to shield Chao Lu as external forces attempt to harm her. Chao Lu starts to see the

Drunk to Love You

Drunk to Love You Chinese drama
Jiang Lu, who also claims to be intoxicated after a thousand cups, gives Liu Yali a taste of meeting an opponent in chess, and even makes her "drunk" on the spot for the first time in a long time. When she woke up with a "hangover", Liu Yali vowed to find Jiang

The Housewives’ War

The Housewives' War Chinese drama
Han Xingyue, a workplace executive, chose to return to the family and become a full-time housewife for the sake of her children. However, she found out that her husband Ding Bo not only cheated on her but also transferred assets.

Dazzling Him

Dazzling Him Chinese drama
Sweet girl Xuan Yi breaks up with her boyfriend at the scene of Da Lang's cheating. After falling out of love, she accidentally becomes the assistant of the popular male idol Long Yi, helping Long

Wake Up To Fantasy

Wake Up To Fantasy Chinese drama
In a limited space, we will see how the female city owner "doesn't get confused in her heart, doesn't get trapped in emotions, and doesn't get trapped in emotions" in a dual personality crisis.

Marry Me, My Queen

Marry Me, My Queen Chinese drama
This is the story of Gu Qing Zi, the owner of County An City, who had cleverly balanced the power of the court by pretending to be a pig eating a tiger, but when General Li Yin Zhi led an army of 150,000 to return to

Fall in Love Again

Fall in Love Again Chinese drama
Six years ago at a wedding at sea, the bride Zhou Mian is maliciously left at the altar. She falls into the sea and is rescued by Mai Ke. It is only then that she learns her fiancé Lu Yunkai is closely related to her parents’