Your Trap Chinese drama
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Title: Your Trap

Chinese Title: 步步深陷 / Bu Bu Shen Xian

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 27 May 2024

Genre: Romance

Director: Xu Fei

Screenwriter: Wang Huan

Dubbing Director: Ma Cheng, Dong Yue

Episodes: 24

Your Trap Synopsis

Han Qing is an emotional counselor who is asked by a client to investigate her husband’s infidelity. She becomes the personal assistant of Feng Siqian, the chairman of Huajing Group, and is forced to get involved in a carefully planned conspiracy. To find the truth, the two go from suspicion and testing to cooperation, mutual assistance, and honesty, and finally find the essence of marriage and their true selves.

Your Trap Cast

Main Roles

Wen Mo Yan as Han Qing
Shen Hao Nan as Feng Siqian (voiced by Sun Rui Yang)

Supporting Roles

He Long Long as Lin Zongyi (voiced by Lv Si Heng)
Yu Xin Tian as Yin Yi (voiced by Li Xue Jiao)
Sun Fei Xiang as Ji Weijun (voiced by Xiao Jing)
Guo Zhen as Yin Peidong (voiced by Zhang Ru Lin)

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