The Irresistible Boyfriend

The Irresistible Boyfriend Chinese drama
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Title: The Irresistible Boyfriend

Chinese Title: 无法抗拒的男友们 / Wu Fa Kang Ju De Nna Peng You Men

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 12 June 2024

Genre: Romance

Director: Li Tong Zun

Screenwriter: Sun Qi Yan, Feng Min, Li Mu Zi

Episodes: 20

The Irresistible Boyfriend Synopsis

Gu Xintian went from being a college graduate with nothing to a successful career woman with money, beauty, and three boyfriends. Facing three suitors, Gu Xintian felt extremely guilty about her feelings, but did not want to disappoint them. So after going through the three stages of alienation, self-blame, and being moved, Gu Xintian decided to take the three men seriously, and at the same time deal with this complicated feeling as soon as possible, and also saw clearly who she liked deep in her heart.

The Irresistible Boyfriend Cast

Wang Zi Qing as Gu Xintian
Wen Yi Fan as Ying Yucheng
Zuo Qi Bo as Chen Xinchuan
Xu Yang Hao as Han Qianyu
Xing En as Fu Fu

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