The Serpent Attack

The Serpent Attack Chinese drama
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Title: The Serpent Attack

Chinese Title: 大蛇再袭 / Da She Zai Xi

Also known As: Fog Python Island

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 15 February 2024

Genre: Horror, Adventure

Director: Zhang Kun

Screenwriter: Zhao Li Zhi

Episodes: 12

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The Serpent Attack Synopsis

The story of the male protagonist Ren Jie, in order to raise money for the treatment of his terminally ill son, he signed up to participate in a real-life game on a desert island to win a million prizes, and met a mysterious white-collar beauty Naga, outdated anchor Chu Tiantian, convenience store clerk Liang Hai, middle-aged woman Zhang Suying, pharmaceutical company owner Zhang Zifeng, ambulance driver Fang Wenjian, Lu Feng, an unemployed young man who loves to take advantage, and others formed a team and jointly embarked on a mysterious journey to the desert island to win gold.

However, as the game progressed, what everyone did not expect was that the level-breaking game to win a million bonuses turned into a survival game where the game determines life and death. Not only did the teammates compete for level-breaking bonuses, they also had constant internal strife. The mysterious python suffered heavy casualties in its pursuit, and as the seemingly unrelated people progressed, intricate relationships gradually emerged. There are agencies rushing in front, and a giant python is chasing after him. A test of survival in the mouth of a python and the choice of good and evil in human nature has officially begun..

The Serpent Attack Cast

Lai Yi as Ren Jie
Xin Jue as Na Jia
Li Yun as Zhu Tiantian
Wang Yi Wei as Fang Wenjian
Yuan Min as Zhang Zifeng

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