A Portrait of Jianghu: Reincarnated Disciple

A Portrait of Jianghu: Reincarnated Disciple
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Title: A Portrait of Jianghu: Reincarnated Disciple

Chinese Title: 画江湖之换世门生 / Hua Jiang Hu Zhi Huan Shi Men Sheng

Broadcast Network: iQiyi, Youku

Broadcast Date: 16 January 2023

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure

Director: Li Wei Ji

Screenwriter: Li Jia Ze, Li Lin Han, Ge Zhen Song

Producer: Mei Qing Hai

Production Company: iQiyi

Episodes: 24

A Portrait of Jianghu: Reincarnated Disciple Synopsis

The story takes place in two parallel universes named Yuan and Yi, where people share the same life and death. Nian Yangxiao, came from the Yuan World to save his true love Kong Linghui, and crossed the border to the Yi World in search of the killer who assassinated his love. In the Yi World, however, he and Kong Linghui were enemies.

Kong Linghui tried everything to kill him. At the same time, the mysterious girl Yong’er, the romantic street gangster, the cold-faced police officer Nuo Dun, and others appeared one after another, each accompanied by a complex case. The involvement of Nian Yangxiao made the cases more complicated and confusing. A suspenseful, thrilling, blood-burning, and fantastic adventure in different times and spaces was launched in “A Portrait of Jianghu: Reincarnated Disciple”.

A Portrait of Jianghu: Reincarnated Disciple Cast

Qin Xiao Xuan as Nian Yangxiao
Wang Yi Ting as Yong’er / Yi Dishui
Xia Nan as Kong Linghui
Chen Ke Xiao as Nian Baobao
Li Shu Ting as Nian Ziqiao
Long Shui Ting as Da / Xiao Man Sha
Bai Bing Ke as Huang Quan
Zhang Yi Kai as Nuo Dun
He Bin as Nian Yangxiong
He Yan as Nian Zhengyi
Shang Xin Yue as Dou Lan
Wu Yu Jue as Jia Na
Tong Hu as Wan Tiangong
Xu Wei as Wan Tian Xing
Zhang Xin Hao as Police Officer Mu
Wang Zi Jie as Wan Peng Ju
Chen Ming Ming as Liang Zhong
Wen Zhao as Gu Tian
Kong Xiang Dong as Tai Qing
Jiang Xiao Lin as Tai Hong
Chen Gui Ben as Duan Da Li
Hu Hao Nan as Duan Da Li
Zhu Shun as Ke Ke
Feng Xiang as old Chinese doctor
He Shao Hong as Fo Luo
Lu Song Hao as Lang Ming
Pang Cong as Dao Chen

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