Stories Of Youth And Love

Stories Of Youth And Love Chinese drama
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Title: Love Endures

Chinese Title: 要久久爱 / Yao Jiu Jiu Ai

Also known As: 199爱 / 199 Ai / Stories Of Youth And Love

Broadcast Network: CCTV, Youku

Broadcast Date: 20 January 2024

Genre: Youth, Romance, Friendship

Director: Niu Chao, Ma Cheng Cheng

Screenwriter: Li Yang, A Mei (阿美), Mu Zi Xin

Producer: Guo Feng

Executive Producer: Yang Chao (杨超), Li Jin Wen

Production Company: Cosmic Bliss

Episodes: 32

Stories Of Youth And Love Synopsis

In an aerospace city in the north, seven children who were born an only child became closer than siblings and called themselves “The Big Dipper.” They all promised to conquer the college entrance examinations so they could go to Beijing together but seventeen came and went and only Huang Yingzi made it.

“The Big Dipper” was no more as everyone parted ways. Huang Yingzi went to Beijing for school and Jiang Yi left for the States. “Who do you like at the age of seventeen” has become a mystery lingering in the hearts of the seven people. As newcomers in the workplace, they were bruised and battered from the skirmishes between their ideals and reality. Their once-pure emotions are like shining stars in the night sky. Huang Yingzi wants to reunite the group only to realize that there is a question remains. Meanwhile, Jiang Yi and the others have already presented their answer.

Stories Of Youth And Love Cast

Main Roles

Yang Zi as Huang Yingzi
Fan Cheng Cheng as Jiang Yi
Zhu Yan Man Zi as Fang Mingyu
Jin Shi Jia as Ding Ye
Wang Qian Yue as Zhuang Yuan
Fang Yue Qiao as Lan Yifei
Zhao Rui as Guan Chao

Supporting Roles

Feng Hui as Huang Qifa
Wang Jing Hua as Guo Geling
Paul Che as Hao Ping
Zhao Shu Zhen as Grandma
Wang Zhuo Cheng as Gao Zhan
Li Kun Lin as Guan Xujie
Dong Xiang Rong as Lan Bin
Li Jia Wei as Xu Hong
Li Zhi Qiang as Fang Sujin
Lu Ling as Meng Shu
Feng Bo as Wan Fang
Qiu Ke as Yang Fan
Liu Hao Yuan as Zhang Nan
Chen Wei Dong as Guo Kai
Zhang Chen as Lao Zhou
Huai Wen as Zhao Yuan
Ding Zi Ling as He Qian
Wang Chu Yu as Han Tianlin
Wang Chao as Dai Wei
Guo Tie Cheng as Ma Di
Zhang Ning Hao as Shi Xiaowan
Zhang Qian as Cheng Jia
Wang Wei Hua as Feng Guohui
Liu Xu as Jiang Tianyuan
Zhang Tong as Wang Dan
Tang Chang as Chloe
Wang Xiao Zheng as Vera

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