Drama: First Love ( Tian Xiwei, Wang Xingyue, Wei Zhi )

Drama: First Love ( Tian Xiwei, Wang Xingyue, Wei Zhi )

Title: First Love

Chinese Title: 初次爱你 / Chu Ci Ai Ni

Broadcast Website: iQIYI

Broadcast Date: 12 December 2022

Director: Shen Qinyuan

Production Company: iQIYI

Genre: Light Comedy, Modern, Romance, School, Youth

Episodes: 24



Medical student Lu Wanwan tends to do badly during tests. She also has an unrequited love. One drunken night, she thoughtlessly declares her intention to pursue the school genius Ren Chu causing them to suddenly become the center of everyone’s gossip.

Lu Wanwan is a second-year medical student at the Clinical Department of Qingyao University. However, her inability to cope under pressure leads her to perform badly in exams. Due to a secret crush for many years, Lu Wanwan goes out drinking one evening and boldly declares that she will be pursuing academic genius Ren Chu. Rumors about them spread throughout the school.

Their “scandal” begins to seriously affect Lu Wanwan who was already struggling in her studies. To dissociate themselves from each other, Lu Wanwan and Ren Chu come up with the “Gossip Elimination Plan.” Yet in the process of clearing their name, they begin to fall for each other. With the help and guidance of Ren Chu, Lu Wanwan gradually overcomes her inner timidness to find a balance between her interests and studies and become a qualified medical student. Lu Wanwan inspires Ren Chu to be friendlier instead of keeping everyone at a distance. The two are unwittingly changed by each other to became a better version of themselves.

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