Chinese Drama: I Don’t Want to be Brothers with You (Xin Yunlai, Chen Youwei,)

Chinese Drama: I Don't Want to be Brothers with You (Xin Yunlai, Chen Youwei,)

Title: I Don’t Want to be Brothers with You

Chinese Title: 我要和你做兄弟 / Wo Yao He Ni Zuo Xiong Di / 我才不要和你做兄弟 / Wo Cai Bu Yao He Ni Zuo Xiong Di

Broadcast Website: MGTV

Broadcast Date: January 29, 2022

Genre: Comedy, School, Youth

Language: Mandarin

Episodes: 30

Director: Tian Yu

Production Company: Mango Entertainment, TH Entertainment, Kaihuo Wenhua

Origin: China


The rebellious Gao Yang cannot stand the new transfer student, a quiet academic genius named Ye Xiaowen. What’s worse, they become “brothers” living under the same roof.

Gao Bin (Lu Fangsheng) raised his son by himself, but his son Gao Yang (Xin Yunlai) does not afford him the respect of an elder and often calls him by name. On a good day, Gao Yang would address him “Bin Ge (older brother).” Gao Yang would also skip class every three days and get into fights as if trying to test the limits of his teachers and his father. The principal’s daughter, Jin Beibei (Zhao Zhaoyi), has a crush on Gao Yang but he only has eyes for the school beauty. When the school beauty left, his heart left with her.

Gao Yang wasn’t depressed for too long because he learned that an even more beautiful girl named Ye Xiaowen is transferring to their class. He secretly tried to catch a glmipse of her from outside the faculty office and felt his heart skip a beat when he saw her face. Yet he was in for the surprise of his life when Ye Xiaowen (Chen Youwei) walks into class because he is a boy!

As it turns out, the girl that Gao Yang saw was Mi Jia (Liu Jinyan), a transfer student from the next class while Ye Xiaowen is his new seat mate. In Gao Yang’s eyes, Ye Xiaowen is a weird one, he doesn’t talk and won’t mention a thing about his past. Being the son of “Bin Ge,” Gao Yang has always been favored by the teachers. Unfortunately for him, the arrival of Ye Xiaowen has changed everything. Even worse, Gao Yang realized that it’s not just the teachers, his goddess Mi Jia seems to really like Ye Xiaowen too!

During PE, Gao Yang intended to teach Ye Xiaowen a lesson only to be schooled instead. Gao Yang went home from school to an unexpected sight, Ye Xiaowen is cooking at home in an apron. Gao Yang’s father tells him that from hereon, Ye Xiaowen will be living with them and that Gao Yang should treat him like a real brother.

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