Drama: About Youth (Shen Jun, Li Zhenhao, Xu Shouting, Andy Huang)

Drama: About Youth (Shen Jun, Li Zhenhao, Xu Shouting, Andy Huang)

Title: About Youth

Chinese Title: 默默的我不默默的我们 / Mo Mo De Wo Bu Mo Mo De Wo Men
Broadcast Website: Bilibili
Broadcast Date: August 29, 2022
Genre: BL, Romance, School, Youth
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 12
Director: Ishtar Tsai Mi-Chieh
Production Company: Damou Koko
Chief Producer: Chang Ting-Fei
Origin: Taiwan
Source: Adapted from the novel Mo Mo (默默) by Huang Simi


When an egocentric elite student meets a young man who has a negligible presence yet transforms into a prince whenever he takes the stage…
Ye Guang is the most popular and promising candidate in the election for student body president. Xu Qizhang is the little boss of Xu Family’s noodle stall. On top of that, he is also the ace vocalist and guitarist of a band. They meet by chance and in the process of getting to know each other, Ye Guang is drawn by Xu Qizhang’s secret identity. Ye Guang who shines in front of others has a lonesome heart. Ye Guang’s eyes begin to subconsciously follow Xu Qizhang as two lonely souls find healing and comfort through each other.

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