Fight For Beauty

Fight For Beauty Chinese drama
Qiao Yang is the deputy chief physician of the Craniomaxillofacial Surgery Department of the Third Hospital. Zhou Jing Wen returned from studying in Germany and founded Gemu Plastic Surgery Hospital with her husband Qin Gui from scratch. Qiao Yang and Zhou Jing Wen were once classmates at the Medical University.

My Doctor

My Doctor Chinese drama
When 22-year-old Guan Xu first arrived in Xingcheng, a hearty meal convinced him to go straight to the community hospital. He never thought that the general practitioner treating him was actually his brother Zhao Dongcheng. A pair of strange brothers met again, and the story of Qingshanluishui Community Hospital began.

The Heart

The Heart Chinese drama
Xiao Feng is the Deputy Chief Physician of the Cardiology Department at Dongli Hospital. He is introverted and strict. He becomes work partners with the impulsive doctor Lin Yi, yet friction arises due to the differences in their medical beliefs

Love Is Panacea

Love Is Panacea Chinese drama
Born into a medical family, Gu Yunzheng is a medical genius and the youngest neurosurgeon in the country. Handsome and dignified, he is known as the most attractive doctor in the hospital and was the dream man during college.

Love Heals

Love Heals Chinese drama
Ruan Liuzheng returns to her hometown after seven years and becomes a neurosurgeon at Bei Ya Hospital. However, she did not expect to meet her ex-husband, Ning Zhiqian, who is the most experienced neurosurgeon at Bei Ya Hospital. Ning Zhiqian volunteers to be Ruan Liuzheng's mentor, in order to make up for the hurt he caused her.