Yasha My Deepest Love Chinese movie
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Title: Yasha My Deepest Love

Chinese Title: 夜叉之无间有情 / Ye Cha Zhi Wu Jian You Qing

Release Date: 25 January 2024

Broadcast Network: Youku, Tencent

Genres: Historical, Romance, Fantasy

Duration: 1 hr. 16 min

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Yasha My Deepest Love Synopsis

The movie follows a young maiden trapped in the Yaksha demon realm, where she falls in love with a Yaksha demon. Amidst treacherous challenges, their forbidden love unfolds, revealing hidden depths of loyalty and sacrifice. Ultimately, the maiden transforms into a demoness to seal away the Yaksha kingdom’s threats forever.

Yasha My Deepest Love Cast

June Wu as Wu Xiang
Zhu Sheng Yi as Ruo Xi
Xiao Xiang Fei as Ling Chu
Chi Shuai as Xiu Luo
Wang Yi Tong as Jiu Yan

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