Drama: Dear Little Mermaid (Lin Siyi, Xu Kaixin, Cai Yijia)

Dear Little Mermaid
Title: Dear Little Mermaid
Chinese Title: 亲爱的小美人鱼 / Qin Ai De Xiao Mei Ren Yu
Broadcast Website: Tencent, iQIYI
Broadcast Date: August 8, 2022
Genre: Modern, Romance
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 24
Director: He Jianan
Screenwriter: Ma Jiani
Production Company: Big Wave Entertainment, Kingshine Entertainment
Executive Producer: Luo Faping
Chief Producer: Qian Lu
Producer: Zhang Yinyin
Origin: China


It tells a story about a female manhua artist and her ex-boyfriend. They were the lovey-dovey couple back in their schooldays but because of the heroine’s health and various misunderstandings, they split up. Eight years later, they accidentally meet again at a hospital.

Qin Ge, the author of a popular comic, has been suffering from lupus for eight years. She is also an “unruly” patient. During days of routine hospital check-ups, she would try different ways to pass. Meanwhile, Qin Ge learns through a phone call from her assistant that her work contract is in hold due to a problem which would also affect her fees. In desperation, Qin Ge attempts to run from the hospital, but she is caught at the last moment by none other than Bai Qijia – her ex.
In the past eight years, Qin Ge has worked hard to bid farewell to her first love and chose to focus all her efforts on for her comic. However, her unexpected reunion with Bai Qijia shakes things up. Bai Qijia’s temperament has also changed drastically over the years. He is persistent and clingly, making it hard for Qin Ge to resist. Qin Ge’s illness is like a ticking time bomb. She doesn’t know whether to listen to reason or emotion. Whether to continue running or to breakout from the shadow that has suppressed her for a long time, Qin Ge is finding her answers little by little.

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