Kids’ Lives Matter / Children’s Hospital (Kevin Cheng & Linda Chung)2021 Chinese drama

Kids' Lives Matter / Children's Hospital (Kevin Cheng & Linda Chung)2021 Chinese drama

Title: Kids’ Lives Matter / Children’s Hospital

Chinese Title: 星空下的仁医 / Xing Kong Xia De Ren Yi / 儿科医生 / Er Ke Yi Sheng

Broadcast Network: TVB

Broadcast Date: October 18, 2021

Genre: Medical

Language: Cantonese

Episodes: 25

Production Company: Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB)

Chief Producer: Ben Fong

Origin: Hong Kong


Twenty years ago, two pediatric interns had a falling out due to a surgical operation. As time passed, Kuang Congxin has become a pediatric surgeon at the highly prestigious Annie Hospital while Xu Ganfeng who believes in protecting life above all else works at a second-rate hospital. They meet again because of a liver transplant.

Congxin (Kenneth Ma) schemes to get Ganfeng (Kevin Cheng) to join him at Annie Hospital. He also finds his former colleague, cardiothoracic surgeon Zhang Yixin (Linda Chung). Mai Haiqi (Catherine Chau) who heads the surgery department aims to create the perfect team to pave the way for the construction of Hong Kong’s first pediatric center. Helping young patients face life and death situations time and again enables Congxin and Ganfeng to overcome the bad blood between them. At this time, specialist Wen Boxi (Him Law) and intern Lian Zhuoying (Bowie Cheung) discover that a major medical error was committed during the operation twenty years ago. Everyone decides to uncover the truth.

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