The Heart

The Heart Chinese drama
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Title: The Heart

Chinese Title: 问心 / Wen Xin

Broadcast Network: CCTV, Tencent

Broadcast Date: 07 October 2023

Genre: Medical

Director: Li Zhi

Screenwriter: Zhou Yi Fei

Producer: Xu Xiao Ou, Zhang Xiao Bo

Production Company: Linmon Pictures

Episodes: 38

The Heart Synopsis

Xiao Feng is the Deputy Chief Physician of the Cardiology Department at Dongli Hospital. He is introverted and strict. He becomes work partners with the impulsive doctor Lin Yi, yet friction arises due to the differences in their medical beliefs. Meanwhile, Xiao Feng’s younger sister also gets a job working as a doctor at the Intensive Care Unit.

Xiao Feng is the backbone of the Cardiology Department and the person chief director Ren Bai and the institute leaders have high hopes for. Lin Yi has just joined the hospital. In the past when he used to work at Xili Hospital, he would only focus on his surgeries and failed to communicate and collaborate with colleagues. His teacher and immediate superior, Cao Nuo Ya, believed that this was not conducive to his growth, so he recommended Lin Yi to the newly-established heart center of Dongli Hospital.

In order to pursue her ideals and ease the relationship between her brother and her mother, Zhou Xiao Feng’s younger sister Fang Xiao Ran applies to Dongli Hospital and becomes a doctor in the Extracardiac Intensive Care Unit. In the process of curing diseases and saving lives, the three people become great colleagues.

The Heart Cast

Main Roles

Mark Chao as Zhou Xiaofeng
Mao Xiao Tong as Fang Xiaoran
Jin Shi Jia as Lin Yi

Supporting Roles

Joan Chen as Fang Zhuqing
Wu Yi Tong as Fang Zhuqing (young)
Zhou Ye Mang as Cao Nuoya
Zhou Yu Tong as Jiang Yining
Tong Meng Shi as Shi Haoqi
Yuan Wen Kang as Shi Wei
Chen Hao Yu as Chen Yue
Yan Xiao Pin as Cui Jing
Fang Zi Bin as Bai Ji
Zhao Jun as Jiang Junling
Ma Yin Yin as Qiang Wei
Chen Jian as Lin Yi (young)
Jiang Zhe Nian as Lin Yi (child)
Wang Ning as Yu Lingyun
Chen Xi Xu as Zhao Yuliang
Zhang Ling Xin as Han Xiao
Zheng Zhong Yu as Xie Tianming
Sun Zhong Qiu as Wang Xu
Pan Fei Yang as Liu Dong
Wang Rong as Zhang Zhen
Jin Shi Kang as Xiao Zhu
Zhu Tie as Lin Hai
Bao Jia Cheng as Lin Hai (young)
Ma Bo Quan as Lin Xirui
Fang Qing Zhuo as Yang Guilan
Tan Xi He as Lao Wang
Ding Wen Bo as Xiao Wang
Liu En Jia as Zhang Yuxi
Li Gan as Tian Lei
Qu Guo Qiang as Zhang Yuxi’s father
Guo Hong as Zhang Yuxi’s mother
Xu Min as Lao Zhang
Shen Dan Ping as Lao Zhang’s wife
Dong Qing as Lao Zhang’s daughter
Zhao Long Hao as Mr. Yan
Zhu Yan as Mrs. Yan
Chen Mu Yang as medical consultant
Yu Cheng En as Song Xingyan
Guo Ge as Song Xingyan’s mother
Wang Hong Mei as Qian Wei’s grandma
Qiu Bi Chang as Hua’er
Zhou De Hua as Zhuang Jiashun
He Miao as Jiang Yu
Gao Ge as Jian Bo

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