Brilliant God Chinese drama
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Title: Brilliant God

Chinese Title: 心软的使者 / Xin Ruan De Shi Zhe

Broadcast Network: Youku, LeTV

Broadcast Date: 29 March 2024

Genre: Romance, Drama

Director: Cheng Sen

Episodes: 18

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Brilliant God Synopsis

Xia Feng is an orphan. He unfortunately died unexpectedly on the day of his proposal. His girlfriend, Mu Qing, is a doctor. She rushed to rescue but failed and was extremely sad. Xia Feng looked at Mu Qing and couldn’t bear to die. The messenger appeared and gave him the choice to become the next messenger. Xia Feng accepted and inherited the messenger’s three-piece set: the Red Blood Umbrella, the Ring of the Divine Eye, and the Messenger’s Manual.

The Messenger’s Manual records all aspects of life and is also Xia Feng’s mission as a messenger. He needs to help the deceased complete their unfulfilled wishes, thereby completing his own path to redemption.

Brilliant God Cast

Xiao Guang Xu as Xia Feng
Xu Jing Wen as Mu Qing
Qin Xiang Yu as Sun Yuan
Li Xin Miao as Le Le
Chen Jia Bo as Wu Wenyu

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