The Ingenious One

The Ingenious One
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Title: The Ingenious One

Chinese Title: 云襄传 / Yun Xiang Zhuan

Broadcast Network: iQiyi, Tencent

Broadcast Date: 01 May 2023

Genre: Wuxia, Mystery

Director: You Da Zhi

Screenwriter: Liang Zhen Hua, Jiang Da Qiao, Yan Xi

Producer: Li Li Ying, Liang Zhen Hua

Art Director: Liu Shi Yun

Stylist: Song Xiao Tao

Action Choreographer: Wang De Ming

Production Company: iQiyi, Flying Youth Media, Perfect World Pictures

Episodes: 36

The Ingenious One Synopsis

The story of Yun Xiang, a young man who enters the Jianghu with a mission from his family after 10 years of practice. In the process of wandering the world, Yun Xiang makes friends with several people and start to experience the warmth of friendship. The quirky, intelligent and smart woman, Shu Yanan, makes Yun Xiang fall in love with her.

Yunxiang and his friends have a happy time together. But good times don’t last. As he investigates the tragic case of his former clan’s extermination, Yun Xiang unearths more horrifying secrets and things start to take a turn for the worse. After experiencing deceit, betrayal and separation, life and death, he realizes that Wantai, whose mission was to benefit the people, has long since fallen from grace, and decides to stand up for what is right in his heart, even if it means sacrificing himself.

The Ingenious One Cast

Main Roles

Chen Xiao as Yun Xiang / Luo Wenjia
Mao Xiao Tong as Shu Yanan
Tang Xiao Tian as Su Mingyu
Xu Ling Yue as Ke Menglan (voiced by Zhang Zhe)
Liu Guan Lin as Jin Biao

Supporting Roles

Qin Lan as Su Huairou
Wang Jin Song as Qi Tianfeng
Huang Xin as Qi Tianfeng (young)
Kara Hui as Kou Yan (voiced by Yan Ji Xuan)
Huang Hai Bing as Qian Rong (voiced by Liu Cong)
Ruan Sheng Wen as Yan Luowang (voiced by Ling Zhen He)
Ning Xin as County Princess Ming Zhu (voiced by Qing Min Yi)
Peng Bo as Mo Bufan
Wang Zi Rui as Liu Gongquan
Li Hong Tao as Prince Fu (voiced by Zhang Yao Han)
Feng Jian Yu as Kou Yuanjie (voiced by Jia Kang)
Ran Xu as Nangong Fang (voiced by Ban Chuang)
Liu Di as Tang Xiao
Ren Luo Min as Wen Cong (voiced by Li Hao Jia
Guo Yi Lin as Tian Hu (voiced by Wang Fan)
Du Xing Yan as Kang Qiao (voiced by Zhong Cheng)
Huang Xiao Wan as Empress Guo (voiced by Wang Jing Yao)
Yu Ge as Li Bo (voiced by Li Wang Song)
Guo Dong Hai as Ding Yi (voiced by Zhou Xiao Dong)
Zhang Chu Yi as Ding Yi (young)
Li Meng Fan as Bi Yuewu (voiced by Zeng Meng Yu)
Chu Zhen as Ye Chao (voiced by Dong Du)
Song Kai as Zhang Kui
Wang Xu Dong as A Zhong
Wang Zi Jia as Mei Zhu
Wang Ruo Lin as Xie Guang
Guo Ye as Guan Hai Zhu (voiced by Ba He)
Guo Chang as Jia Changan
Liang Jia Wei as Yuan Ye (voiced by Li Zi Hao)
Yang Hao Ran as Xu Lang
Li Xiao Peng as Zhong Beidou
Tian Yi Fan as Gu Yuechen (voiced by Rao Dan)
Lai Chang Fu as Shao Yiheng (voiced by Li Jin)
Ma Hong Lei as Xu Qingwen (voiced by Zhou Nai Gang)
Cai Rong as Yan San
Liang Xiao Run as Jia Bao (voiced by Shen Lang Jun)
Yu Wei Ni as Xiao Yu (voiced by Li Yu)
He Yu Xiao as Ling Yan
Song Wan Qing as Ling’er
Zhou Shu Yanas A Rui
Li Yi as Eunuch Liu
Long Yi Yi as Xiao Cui
Chu Fei as Li Baiwan
Zhang Yu Hai as Shopkeeper Qi
Liu Feng Shuo as Dao Ke Lao Liu

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