Double Life

Double Life Chinese drama
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Title: Double Life

Chinese Title: 与君诀 / Yu Jun Jue

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date: 09 July 2024

Genre: Historical, Romance

Director: Zhao Xi Xi

Screenwriter: Xu Chen Ye

Production Company: All Family Star

Episodes: 27

Adapted from the novel Xi Yu Ge (细雨阁) by Qiao Nan (桥南)

Double Life Synopsis

Yun Shang, who has suffered from torture since childhood, becomes a killer of Xiyuge in order to take care of and protect her sister. In the process of executing the mission, she is moved by the simple and kind uncle Wu Luan and then falls in love with Wu Luan. When her new assassination target is Wu Luan, Yun Shang chooses to put down the butcher knife for love and face her lover and relatives.

Double Life Cast

Wang Xuan as Wu Luan
Hu Yi Yao as Yun Shang
Li Yan Man as Yun Luo

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