Hard To Find

 Hard To Find Chinese drama
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Title: Hard To Find

Chinese Title: 难寻 / Nan Xun

Broadcast Network: Mango TV

Broadcast Date: 02 April 2024

Genre: Historical, Romance

Director: Chu De Jian

Screenwriter: Zhao Lin

Producer: Du Hao

Production Company: Mango TV

Episodes: 24

Hard To Find Synopsis

On the land of Jiuze, Xi Jiu, the eldest son of the Shuoyun clan, is about to marry his fiancée Liang Chan, but Liang Chan is kidnapped by the mysterious Linchuan young master Helian Xi on the eve of the wedding. Helianxi was full of rage and forced Liangchan to hand over Lian Lizhi, which could revive the Linchuan clan.

However, Liangchan had no idea what Helianxi was talking about due to amnesia. However, when Helianxi brought Liangchan to the realm of spiritual consciousness of the sacred tree, the dusty past was gradually awakened. Liangchan finally remembered that she had been Helianxi’s wife, Feng Yuan, the princess of Linchuan, and she and Linchuan Being destroyed has an inescapable relationship.

Hard To Find Cast

Zhao Yi Qin as Helian Xi
Shen Yu Jie as Feng Yuan
Fang Xiao Dong as Xiu Jiu
Guo Jia Yu as Qin Sang
Wang Ze Xuan as Feng Gen
Song Zhao Yi as Hua E
Wu Ri Li Ge as Shi Ying

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