100 Reasons Not To Be King

100 Reasons Not To Be King Chinese drama
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Title: 100 Reasons Not To Be King

Chinese Title: 过遍千城才识君 / Guo Pian Qian Cheng Cai Shi Jun

Also known As: 不当皇帝的100个理由 / Bu Dang Huang Di De 100 Ge Li You

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Historical, Comedy

Director: Niu Mao Mao

Screenwriter: Jia Li Yi

Episodes: 24

100 Reasons Not To Be King Synopsis

Tells the story of Da Liang, the crown prince who, from a young age, aspired to become a manga artist and had no interest in inheriting the throne. He was determined to escape the imperial palace. During a chance escape, the crown prince meets Qi Zhi and tasks him with finding an heir to the throne. Together, they uncover and thwart a massive conspiracy lurking within the imperial court while searching for the rightful successor.

100 Reasons Not To Be King Cast

Li Chuan as Qi Zhi
Zheng Qiu Hong as Ouyang Yan
Feng Li Jun as Liu Heng
Wang Yi Zhe as Crown prince
Zhao Yi Qin as Prince Yu
Wang Mao Lei as Eunuch Gao
Cao Gao Bo as Xiao Zhuzi
Feng Xiao Yang as Madame Wang
Shang Na as Si Si

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