The Wanderers

The Wanderers Chinese drama
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Title: The Wanderers

Chinese Title: 火星孤儿 / Huo Xing Gu Er

Broadcast Network: Hunan TV

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Science fiction, School

Director: Zhao Yi Long

Screenwriter: Zhou Da

Producer: Chen Lian, Yuan Lun Bin

Executive Producer: Han San Ping

Presenter: Fang Gang

Production Company: HualuBaina Film & TV, Mango TV

Episodes: 12

The Wanderers Synopsis

Young Furukawa joined the Jinteng Group’s experimental project and entered Jinteng High School, the world’s top high school, and became friends with the genius boy Ye Wen. Kinteng High School is full of mysteries. The young female teacher disappeared mysteriously, and various unconventional physical phenomena made Furukawa and others feel that there was something abnormal in the school. Furukawa and Ye Wen escaped from the school and found that Kinteng High School was actually built on a space station far away from the earth. middle.

At the same time, the earth is caught in crises such as power outages and wildfires. Unknown stone tablets appear in various places, and alien puzzles that are completely different from the human knowledge system appear on the stone tablets. Humanity created the “263 Project”, turning puzzles into test questions and giving them to Jinteng students far away on the space station, hoping to use their powerful learning abilities to unlock the secrets of the stone tablet.

The nanochip in Koga’s eyes accidentally makes him the only link between aliens and humans. Furukawa, Ye Wen and others worked together with teachers and students from other countries to solve the puzzle and discovered that the disaster on the earth was caused by aliens who needed to escape from the helium flash to collect energy. After a narrow escape, Furukawa and others used electron transmitters to help the aliens escape. It also regenerates the earth.

The Wanderers Cast

Fei Qi Ming as Gu He
Zhao Yi Qin as Ye Wen
Luo Yu Tong as Xiao Hong
Lu Qi as A Mu
Zhang Fan as Chen Song
Jiang Wu as Ye Dunli
Yu Xiao Wei as Gu Senyang

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