Grow Up Together Chinese drama
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Title: Grow Up Together

Chinese Title: 一起长大的约定 / Yi Qi Zhang Da De Yue Ding

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Genre: Youth, School, Romance, Friendship

Director: Deng Zhan Neng

Screenwriter: Wen Ji Er, Luo Xiao Ting

Producer: Gu Hao


Grow Up Together Synopsis

An ordinary girl, Xia Mi, was accidentally admitted to the city’s key No. 1 middle school. By chance, she met Yang Yang Yang. The young Zhang Ruoxi, the calm and rational top student Fan Yuan, and the beautiful and friendly top student Lin Ruolei, four people with very different personalities encourage each other and bond while chasing their dreams. They make a young promise together and are also pursuing…

Grow Up Together Cast

Tian Hong Jie as Zhang Ruoxi
Ji Mei Han as Xia Mi
Chen Kang as Fan Yuan
Zheng Cheng Cheng as Lin Ruoxiang
Yin Rui as Wang Xiaoyu
Ye Xiao Qiu as Xiao Junyi
Hu Hao Fan as Liu Dayou
Chen Wen as Zhao Rui
Liu Fan Xin as Tian Jiarong
Feng Jian Yu as Teacher Feng
Lu Si Heng as Lu Zheming
Xu Xin Wen as Xie Yuhang
Bai Zhi Jie as Director Jie
Duan Lin Xi as Cheng Su
Zang Yi Ren as Chief Zang

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