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Title: Link Click

Chinese Title: 时光代理人 / Shi Guang Dai Li Ren

Broadcast Network: Bilibili

Broadcast Date: 19 June 2024

Genre: Fantasy, Healing

Chief Director: Liu Chang

Director: Sang Mu Tian, Lao A, Luo Dong

Screenwriter: Zhuo Yue Pao Mo

Producer: Zhu Zhen Hua

Production Company: Sugarman Media

Episodes: 24

Adapted from the animated series of the same name

Link Click Synopsis

The story of a small shop called “Time Photo Studio” in a corner of the bustling city. Cheng Shishi, Lu Guang, and Qiao Ling work together to accept the commission, use special abilities to enter photos, help people find the truth and make up for regrets, and a cross-time and space game using photos as a medium begins.

Link Click Cast

Jiang Long as Cheng Xiaoshi
Bi Wen Jun as Lu Guang
Bu Guan Jin as Qiao Ling
Liu Chang as He Xu
Huang Can Can as Sang Ning

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