The Land Of Women Movie
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Title: The Land Of Women

Chinese Title: 女儿国前传 / Nv Er Guo Qian Chuan

Also Known As: The Legend Of Lady

Release Date: 07 January 2024

Genres: Thriller, Historical, Fantasy

Director: Yang Haiting

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The Land Of Women Synopsis

The nine-tailed fox king Hua Yuan is sealed in a stone tablet by Yun Chenzi during the war. A hundred years later, in Lanling City, the kind and innocent girl Ling Yun is waiting for her lover to propose marriage, but instead, she is betrayed by her father and abandoned by her lover. Under immense resentment, Ling Yun’s blood tears the seal apart.

The released Hua Yuan possesses Ling Yun and establishes the “Eastern Women City” with eight other fox demons. In order to completely break free of Lingyun’s body, Hua Yuan sets his sights on the seven-orifice Linglong Heart of scholar Xu Wenliang. To make Xu Wenliang voluntarily offer his heart, Hua Yuan and her fox demons set multiple traps for him.

At the same time, Ye Qingyu and Zhou Chong, disciples of the Demon Control Department, also entered the Eastern Women City and participated in the melee. Xu Wenliang experiences numerous temptations of the fox demons without wavering but falls in love with the true and kind-hearted Ling Yun. In the end, Xu Wenliang sacrifices his life to save Ling Yun and defeat the fox demon.

The Land Of Women Cast

Yao Xin Qian as Ling Yun
Evan Zhu as Xu Wen Liang
An Hu as Yun Chen Zi
Qiu Yu Shuo as Zhou Chong
Yucheng Cao as Ye Qingyu

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