Undercover Affair

Undercover Affair Chinese drama
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Title: Undercover Affair

Chinese Title: 爱在天摇地动 / Ai Zai Tian Yao Di Dong

Also known As: When the Earth is Shaking

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date: 02 April 2024

Genre: Romance

Director: Liu Ai Dong

Episodes: 24

Undercover Affair Synopsis

A Sen from Kuntai Group met the bartender Ling Yi at a bar, and the two have had an intersection since then. During their exchanges, A Sen learned about Ling Yi’s pain of being abandoned by her boyfriend after being imprisoned for manslaughter and had already closed off her emotions. But Asen was moved by the kind girl in front of him.

By chance, Asen confessed to Zero One that he was a “lurker” of the police. He had been drinking ice for ten years to one day completely bring down the Kuntai family, which was engaged in illegal and criminal activities. In a crisis-ridden environment, Asen and Zero-One gradually warmed up in mutual comfort, and both promised to start a new life together after everything was over.

With the cooperation of Zero One, Asen secretly launched an operation and obtained important information about the Kuntai Group’s transactions by approaching Akun’s wife Irina. In the end, Akun and Irina were arrested one after another, and the Kuntai Group collapsed.

However, during the arrest operation, Akun’s younger brother and the most elusive Chen family’s second son, Atai, were missing, which made the police worried. However, a conspiracy against Asen and Zero-One has been secretly brewing…

Undercover Affair Cast

Yang Ye Ming as A Sen
Han Le Yao as Ling Yi
Zhang Xin Kai as A Tai
Zhou Yu Ting as Yi Lianna
Wang Rong as Wu Fang
Qi Hang as A Kun

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