The Lost Brides Chinese drama
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Title: The Lost Brides

Chinese Title: 凤鸣怪谈 / Feng Ming Guai Tan

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date: 03 January 2024

Genre: Republican, Mystery, Romance

Director: Zhang Ying Li

Episodes: 23

The Lost Brides Synopsis

Chu Qi who hails from a wealthy family unwittingly finds herself entangled in a perplexing murder mystery while searching for her missing sister. Lead investigator, Wu Xu, harbors suspicions that Chu Qi might be the perpetrator, and the ominous trail leads to the peculiar town of Fengming Village.

In search of her older sister Thirteen, Chu Qi assumes the guise of Police Officer Wu Xu, unraveling a series of astonishing cases within the eerie confines of Fengming Village. As peril looms ever closer, Wu Xu and his childhood friend Gu Yusheng arrive just in time. Thirteen’s inexplicable disappearance, and a string of murders converge in a sinister web linked to Fengming Village chief, Jia Quan, and Thirteen’s fiancé, Jue Ming.

The Lost Brides Cast

Xu Ying Luo as Chu Qi
Xu Hao Xiang as Wu Xu
Lei Shu as Gu Yusheng
Liang Jing Chen as Jia Quan
Luo Yi Xin as Jue Ming
Shen Wei Qi as Shi San

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