War Of Faith

War Of Faith Chinese drama
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Title: War Of Faith

Chinese Title: 追风者 / Zhui Feng Zhe

Also known As: 长风破浪 / Chang Feng Po Lang

Broadcast Network: CCTV, iQiyi

Broadcast Date: 21 March 2024

Genre: Republican, Spy

Director: Yao Xiao Feng

Screenwriter: Weng Liang Ping

Episodes: 38

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War Of Faith Synopsis

Set in 1928, it tells the story of Wei Ruolai and his determination to courageously pursue his strong aspirations in serving his country. He regarded Shen Tunan, a senior adviser, as his mentor when he was a low-level employee at a financial institution. Through the excellence of his memory and data analysis ability, Wei Ruolai has been favored by Shen Tunan. However, his line of work made him witness the blatant corruption and darkness in the financial field unleashed by the Kuomintang with his own eyes.

Under the influence of Shen Tunan’s younger sister, Shen Jinzhen who is a member of the Communist Party, Wei Ruolai gradually established his communist beliefs and eventually parted ways with Shen Tunan. This led him to face several encounters with the Kuomintang, including that of Shen Tunan whom he launched a fierce duel with. After going through the baptism of blood and fire and along his undying commitment, Wei Ruolai grew to be an outstanding and loyal fighter on the economic front of the Communist Party.

War Of Faith Cast

Wang Yi Bo as Wei Ruolai
Li Qin as Shen Jinzhen
Wang Yang as Shen Tunan
Zhang Tian Yang as Lin Qiaosong
Gao Lu as Su Cishu
Wang Xue Qi as Xu Nuo
Yang Kun as Aunt Zhou
Lan Xi Ya as Niu Chunmiao
Liu Ting Zuo as Li Shengda
Zhu Tie as Lei Ming
Song Shuai as Huang Congchen

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