In The Name Of The Brother

In the Name of the Brother
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Title: In The Name Of The Brother

Chinese Title: 哈尔滨一九四四 / Ha Er Bin 1944

Also known As: 没有我的城 / Mei You Wo De Cheng

Broadcast Network: CCTV, iQiyi

Broadcast Date: 21 April 2024

Genre: Republican, Spy

Director: Zhang Li

Screenwriter: Wang Xiao Qiang, Liu Tian Zhuang, Liu Jin Fei

Producer: Wu Zheng

Production Company: Straw Bears Film

Episodes: 40

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In The Name Of The Brother Synopsis

In 1939, the Liaohe River in the northeast overflowed, and southern Manchuria suffered from disasters, leaving people starving and dying everywhere. While escaping from famine, the dying siblings Guan Xue and Guan Kai were rescued by the heroic Song Zhuowu. Two days later, the bandits killed and robbed the three of them of food, and scattered the three of them. From then on, the three of them lived and died in different directions, and there was no news from them.

Six years later, in 1945, Harbin was already under the control of Manchukuo. Guan Xue has now transformed into the chief of the Special Agents Section of the National Police Agency. On this day, she suddenly received news about the mob that participated in the murder of Zhuo Wu. When they arrived, the mob was fighting to the death with another small patrolman who was covered in blood. Guan Xue suddenly realized that the young patrolman in front of him was Zhuo Wu who had “resurrected from the dead”!

When Guan Xue calls Zhuo Wu’s name, patrol officer Song Zhuowen realizes that the spy leader in front of him has mistakenly identified him as his long-lost twin brother. Guan Xue, who was full of surprises, quickly took Zhuo Wen back and sincerely invited him to join the Secret Service Section.

Everything happened unexpectedly and suddenly. It turns out that Zhuo Wen is an underground member of the Chinese Communist Party in Harbin, and the party organization has been looking for opportunities to break into the puppet Manchukuo spy agency. There seems to be a good opportunity right in front of you! But although the two brothers have the same appearance, they have completely different personalities: one is literary and the other is martial, Zhuo Wen is thoughtful, calm, and wise; Zhuo Wu has a bold personality and great skills. What’s more, he doesn’t know anything about Zhuo Wu and Guan Xue’s past.

With the permission of the party organization, Zhuo Wen decided to take risks and make mistakes, and lurked into the Secret Service Section as Zhuo Wu. But Guan Xue is no longer the immature girl she once was. Years of special agent training have made her gradually test this “Brother Song” whose “temperature has changed drastically”. The other people in the Secret Service Section also started to panic when faced with the section chief’s “relations” in front of them.

When Song Zhuowen tried his best to gain the trust of Guan Xue and senior Japanese officials, someone in the Special Service Section of the Police Department suddenly saw another person with the same appearance, walking swaggeringly on the streets of Harbin

In The Name Of The Brother Cast

Qin Hao as Song Zhuowen / Song Zhuowu
Yang Mi as Guan Xue
Zhang Zi Xian as Pan Yue
Luan Yuan Hui as Hu Bin
Wang He Run as Xie Yue
Yano Kouji as Qian Ye Da Wu
Liu Yu Xuan as Guan Kai
Lin Jia Chuan as He Shan
Jiang Qi Ming as Tian Xiaojiang
Feng Bing as Ma Bole
Li Dong Heng as Ning Li

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