Chinese Drama: Fall In Love (Xiao Kai Zhong,Joey Chua)

Chinese Drama: Fall In Love (Xiao Kai Zhong,Joey Chua)
Title: Fall In Love
Native Title: 从零到一的爱情
Also Known As: Cong Ling Dao Yi De Ai Qing , 從零到一的愛情 , Love From Zero to One
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Episodes: 24
Airs: 6 June 2022
Original Network: Youku


Fu Ze Yi, the young and promising heir of Fu’s Anju Group, developed an alternate personality because of his childhood kidnapping experience. He is handsome but indifferent. Fu Ze Yi’s alter, “Ge Lin” he is completely opposite to Fu Ze Yi. He has a melancholy personality, likes the violin, but he also likes Jing Zhi Xia and wants to control Fu Ze Yi’s body. After meeting Jing Zhi Xia again, his consciousness gradually awakened. Taking advantage of the short time that occasionally flashes, he uses Fu Ze Yi’s body to help Jing Zhi Xia tide over the difficulties, but he also watches and comes to realize that Jing Zhi Xia is falling in love with Fu Ze Yi.

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