Dusk Love Chinese drama
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Title: Dusk Love

Chinese Title: 暮色心迹 / Mu Se Xin Ji

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast ate: 20 February 2024

Genre: Romance

Director: Bo Ling Gai Er

Episodes: 24

Dusk Love Synopsis

To create her own brand Yu Ni, the future heir of the Jane family, Jian Moran, deliberately approached the male model Huo Jinyan and wanted him to be her boyfriend. She believed that Huo Jinyan was an 18th-line male model. Identity and background are easy to control but didn’t expect that they would be manipulated in the opposite direction. Huo Jinyan also has another identity, the CEO of Brahma Emperor.

He had a crush on Jian Moran when he was a student, so he got close to Jian Moran as soon as he returned to China and lived close to her home as a model. On the surface, he was embarrassing Jian Moran, but secretly he was helping her. Handle various work matters. Jian Yicheng is Jian Moran’s unrelated cousin. He has special feelings for Jian Moran. Because of the appearance of Huo Jinyan, he uses all means to get her.

Dusk Love Cast

Dai Gao Zheng as Huo Jinyan
An Yong Chang as Jian Moran
Wang Ze Xuan as Jian Zecheng
Chen Yu as Ji Jie
Ge Xiao Xi as Luo Aoqi
Wang Ye as Qin Zhenghao

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