In Wilderness

In Wilderness
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Title: In Wilderness

Chinese Title: 旷野之境 / Kuang Ye Zhi Jing

Broadcast Network: CCTV, Youku

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Crime

Director: Lin Ke

Screenwriter: Zhang Xiao He, Guo Zheng Jie

Production Company: Youku

Episodes: 40

In Wilderness Synopsis

“Buddhist Detective” Xiao Kuang was appointed by his superiors to fight against electronic fraud. With the assistance of Fang Xinyu, a female network security expert, the huge impact of “college students being cheated to death by tuition fees” was solved.

However, Fa Xiao Shuye, who suddenly returned to his hometown, secretly became the new leader of telecommunications fraud, “Master”, and became Xiao Kuang’s invisible enemy. In telecommunications fraud, “information” is king. After committing the “major case of fake base stations in 12 provinces”, Shu Ye targeted citizen information on large websites. He successively used “fake spot platforms”, “WeChat guessing red envelopes” and “Overseas online video baccarat” and other new criminal methods that are gradually escalating have successively lured many executives of large companies into stealing citizens’ information.

Xiao Kuang and Fang Xinyu led the anti-fraud center police officers to track them all the way, attacking first and arriving first. He always stops Shu Ye at critical moments, and finally discovers Shu Ye’s true face, destroys Shu Ye’s evil purpose of “stuffing the treasury”, and unearths Shu Ye’s criminal record of killing his wife. Shu Ye fights the law, Xiao Kuang, Fang Xinyu and other young rebels Fraud police officers have also grown up and continue to fight at the forefront of anti-email fraud.

In Wilderness Cast

Luo Jin
Xiao Yang
Zhang Hui Wen

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