Sword And Fairy Chinese drama
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Title: Sword And Fairy / Sword And Fairy 6

Chinese Title: 仙剑六祈今朝 / Xian Jian Liu Qi Jin Zhao

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 18 January 2024

Genre: Xianxia, Xuanhuan, Adventure, Romance, Friendship

Director: Liu Guo Nan

Screenwriter: Chen Tai Long (陈泰龙), Wang You Fei (王幼飞), Zhao Zi Xi (赵梓汐)

Stylist: Chen Min Zheng

Art Director: Huo Ting Xiao

Music: Yuki Kajiura, Mak Chun Hung

Production Company: Shandong Film & TV Media, Linique Pictures, Asian Stars, Soft Stars

Episodes: 36

Sword And Fairy Synopsis

Yue Jinchao and Yue Qi have been together in Wuyan Village for three years. They have a magical “resonance” relationship, but they know nothing about their respective life experiences. The two travel together in the world, hoping to retrieve their past memories.

The two Shuangyue were involved in mysterious events such as the rebellion of the Qihun Holy Sect and the Luojiabao blood sacrifice. During the fight against the Holy Sect, Yue Qi’s sealed memories and emotions were accidentally opened. As the incident develops, Shuangyue gets acquainted with Luo Jiaming and Luo Zhaoyan, the twins of Luojiabao, the thousand-year-old wolf demon Xianqing, Gu Hanjiang, Mingxiu’s master and apprentice, and Ju Shifang. Their true identities are gradually revealed. open. Zhengwu League, Qihun Holy Sect, Hengdaozhong, and Yuyao Clan, several major forces came one after another. Who is the real person behind the scenes? There is a plan within a plan, a plan within a plan, and they will not hesitate to sacrifice their lives to change their lives, just to meet again today.

Sword And Fairy Cast

Main Roles

Xu Kai as Yue Jinzhao
Yu Shu Xin as Yue Qi
Fu Xin Bo as Xian Qing
Wan Peng as Luo Zhaoyan
Bai Bing Ke as Ming Xiu

Supporting Roles

Xue Ba Yi as Luo Liming
Jia Nai as Shuo Xuan
Han Dong as Ying Xuwei
Liu Min as Zhu Yu
Chen Zi Han as Ge Qingfei
Gong Zheng as Zuo Guanren
Wang Zi Rui as Gu Hanjiang
Chen Zhi Yan as Qi Li Xiao Yuan

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