Xu Kaicheng apologizes after the ‘Cheating’ scandal.

Today Zhang Tianai released an audio of Xu Kaicheng’s confession after cheating. This follows after recent rumours of Xu Kaicheng cheating on Zhang Tianai with Guli Nazha, who made it clear that she wasn’t the one Xu Kaicheng cheated with. Xu Kaicheng issued an apology statement on Weibo, it reads as follows:

“Hello everyone, I’m Xu Kaicheng, I’m sorry to appear in front of everyone in this way. I would like to sincerely apologize to everyone who has been hurt because of this. I didn’t handle my personal feelings well, I’m sorry!

First of all, due to my personal reasons, Tianai has suffered a lot of grievances and injuries in this relationship. I am very sorry, and I am also very sorry for not being able to protect Tianai in this relationship! But I still want to explain the following about the recording and the timeline of our relationship:

On December 16, 2021, Tianai proposed to me to break up. After the breakup, I broke down emotionally. The “mistake” happened during this period; on December 24th, we reconciled, but during the reconciliation period, my heart was always tormented by the above-mentioned “mistake”, so I broke up with Tianai on January 16, 2022; 1 On January 18th, I confessed everything to Tianai, which is the content of the recording on her Weibo; on January 19th, we reconciled again; on May 17th, Tianai proposed to me again to break up; June 6th , we had contact for about a week, and then there was no contact; until around July 10, Tianai and I proposed to officially break up again.

In this relationship, I have truly loved and never regretted it. When I broke up, I didn’t take into account your feelings well, which caused a misunderstanding in your heart and hurt your emotions. I sincerely apologize to you again, I’m sorry! At the same time, I also want to apologize to Nazha, it’s my fault, because of my reasons, she suffered a lot of unnecessary harm in this incident, I’m sorry! It’s because I didn’t handle my last relationship well, which caused her to be slandered innocently. I’m sorry!

Finally, I would like to apologize to all my friends who have paid attention to this and supported me! Sorry for taking up everyone’s time due to my personal relationship issues, sorry! All damage is caused by me! I will deeply reflect on it, and I will be more strict with myself in the future, and I hope that this incident will not affect more innocent people. Once again, I sincerely apologize to everyone!”

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