The Demon Hunter's Romance
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Title: The Demon Hunter’s Romance

Chinese Title: 无忧渡 / Wu You Du

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Historical, Supernatural, Romance, Investigation

Director: Lin Yu Fen, Liang Sheng Quan, Cao Hua, Huang Xiao Ying

Screenwriter: Zhao Na

Producer: He Ye, Gu Zhi Lei

Executive Producer: Wang Xiao Hui

Presenter: Gong Yu

Costume Designer: Liang Ting Ting

Art Director: Jin Yang

Cinematographer: Li Hong Zhou

Production Company: iQiyi

Episodes: 36

The Demon Hunter’s Romance Synopsis


In the prosperous city of Guangping, humans and demons coexist. Demons are skilled at hiding their forms and disguising themselves as humans. Ban Xia, the daughter of a wealthy family, has a pair of strange eyes and can often see the shadows of those who are not there. Because of this, no matter how well-behaved and docile she is, she is still called “crazy” secretly.

When Ban Xia reveals that her cousin’s sister-in-law is a demon, which leads her to be hunted down, and meets the demon-hunter, Xuan Ye. The gentle kiss he gives to Ban Xia’s eyes makes her thoroughly see the world where humans and demons coexist. As they investigate a number of strange events together in Guangping City, their relationship grows closer. But the secrets that Xuan Ye carries push Ban Xia away again and again as he gradually discovers that although he is a demon hunter, he might also be a demon.

The Demon Hunter’s Romance Cast


Ren Jia Lun as Xuan Ye
Song Zu Er as Ban Xia
Xuan Yan as Chu Youhuang
Fan Shuai Qi as Sima Ling Ying
He Lei as Duan Yanqiu
Liu Ruo Gu as Chi Xue
Liu Qi Qi as Ting Zhou
Zhang Lei as Shen Tunan
Yao Yi Qi as Wen Jian
Chen Fang Tong as Xu Zhizhi
Cao Jun as Zi Kong
Carlos Chan as Chi Wangchuan
Hani Kezi as Ji Li
Hei Zi as Feng Tian
Wang Yi Yao as Man Niang
Han Shuai as Jiang Shangyun
Huo Xing Yu as Xue Qiao
Zhang Zi Xin as Feng Wuniang
Wu Chong Xuan as He Lian
Chen Yi Sha as Xuan Ye’s mother
Wei Zi Xin as Song Qi
Xu Bai Hui as Tang Ruyun



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