Wonderland Of Love Review

Let me start the review of Wonderland of Love starring Xu Kai and Jing Tian. It all started with Su Jin’s rebellion and the royal grandson who was missing at that time. If the rebellion didn’t happen, Li Ni wouldn’t have left Laolan Pass (I believe I wrote it correctly). There wouldn’t be wonderland of love if there wasn’t a rebellion.

Wonderland Of Love Review
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Storywise, Su Jin was the story. Su Jin was the real threat from the beginning till his last appearance. The story started with him rebelling and killing all the Li family members, only few survived, including the royal grandson. Besides his rebellion, he was also in love with the wife of the crown prince and she also ended up falling for him. These two had history before she was married to the royal family. He was the most important element in the story and after his exist, things kinda went south for a moment.

Oh my world! Then we have these stupid princes and their father who’s an emperor. Don’t get me wrong, they bring the comedic elements in the story and they’re really entertaining to watch. But they’re so irritating at the same time. The emperor is so stupid he lost a city cos of his stupidity. This means thousands of soldiers lost their lives because of his stupid decision. On the other side you have these two dumb princes who are privileged.

On the other side there’s this obsessed delusional psycho who’s always showing up doing nothing but calling Ying’s name for 2 minutes and then spit blood. Let me dedicate a whole paragraph to him.

Mr Delusional

Gao Han played this ‘Mister’ character so well. I hated this character but that’s the goal behind developing this kind of character. From the beginning, he was so boring and I didn’t see the use of him until he showed his true colors. That guy is a total psycho who’s obsessed with Ying. Dude literally spit blood just by seeing Ying with Li Ni (but still, no one spits blood like Cheng Yi and Luo Yunxi). If it wasn’t for the identity reveal, he would’ve have no use in the drama. Making him an obsessed psycho was a great move, but he doesn’t have a brain.

By the way, Gao Han is underrated. He played this kind of character in The Journey Of Chongzi and he was amazing. One bad thing about his character is its lifespan. He’s been appearing and surviving attacks but there’s no huge development, unless they’re planning to do something big about him Even after watching all episodes, I still believe they gave extra screentime. But then when you remember his last actions, you feel like they did the right thing by keeping him alive that long.

Still on obsession, do you really think Lady Gu was necessary in the drama? As I revisit certain moment in the drama, I don’t think she was that important. Even if she wasn’t there, the story would’ve been great. Anyways, someone said Lady Gu and Mr Delusional would make a good couple.

Love Is In The Air

If there was no chemistry between our two favourite couples, I would be questioning the title of the drama. Jing Tian and Xu Kai were on fire. There were times where I forgot they were acting. Their kiss scenes are something else. What’s more interesting about these two is the way they understand each other’s action. They don’t need to explain everything to the other party and they trust one another. On top of that, they always look out for one another. Although they had their misunderstandings and arguments here and there, I wouldn’t say they were weak or unreasonable. These two are a power couple and I wouldn’t mind if they get paired in another drama. Oh, I even forgot the age difference between them.

Now let’s talk about my favorite couple, Taozi and Chang’er. At the beginning, I already knew they would be a couple since it’s one of those cliché scripts. I didn’t focus a lot on them but they slowly grew on me. I started enjoying their silly, yet cute moments. The best thing about them is they were presented as mature characters, especially when the main leads were acting childish. They were playful but always handled tough situations very well. I mean, they are the reason why Li Ni and A’Ying got back together a couple of times. These two also had good chemistry and I see why they didn’t do intense kiss scenes. They would’ve stole the spotlight.

Wonderland Of Love Ending

Wonderland of love has a happy ending. I won’t spoil the mood by stating how it ends but I’m sure you already have a clue (it’s a cliché ending). As the drama was approaching it’s final episode, things got hectic. There was a plot twist that got me surprised. I didn’t see it coming, but it wasn’t that good. I just watched the guy showing his true colors and was like “what! that’s a surprise, but it doesn’t matter”. Even though he was a double agent, I didn’t connect with him as a bad guy. His acting as a bad guy were off. Maybe it’s because I’m not used to seeing him as a bad guy.


Am I impressed by the drama? Absolutely yes. I have a complaint to lodge. No one told me that I will be taken to an emotional rollercoaster with this drama. No one told me I need to prepare a box of tissues when watching this drama. I was enjoying the drama then suddenly I like my eyes are filled with tears. I’m saying this to you if you haven’t watched the drama, prepare a box of tissues from episode 30. So far, I enjoyed watching this drama. I hardly get emotional while watching dramas but this one got me… whatever happened the day they were going to burry Li Ni’s nanny was soo sad. Even when I think about it, I still get emotional. Wonderland of love is recommended and I would watch it again… If I had time to rewatch.

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