Invisible Engine

Invisible Engine
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Title: Invisible Engine

Chinese Title: 隐擎 / Yin Qing

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Crime

Director: You Da Zhi

Production Company: Mango TV, Yinhekuyu Media

Episodes: 30

Invisible Engine Synopsis

The story of a transnational car theft case that took place in Kunshan City. The story begins when four supercars are mysteriously stolen at an international auto show. It concerns the face of the city. The police are ordered to solve the case within a month. The protagonist Tang Shiben was an ordinary mechanic in an auto repair shop, but he got involved in this incident by accident. He became a glorious undercover agent. Therefore, this little man who cherishes life and loves money has to use all his strength to fight wits and courage with various black forces…

Invisible Engine Cast

Hu Xian Xu as Tang Shi
Wang Ying Lu as Ye Ling
Xiao Shun Yao as Zhang Ze
Li Jiu Lin as Shen Yufei

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