The Story of Hua Zhi

The Story of Hua Zhi Chinese drama
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Title: Blossoms In Adversity

Chinese Title: 惜花芷 / Xi Hua Zhi

Also known As: The Story of Hua Zhi

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date: 02 April 2024

Genre: Historical, Romance

Director: Zhu Rui Bin

Screenwriter: He Fang, Luo Xuan

Adapted from the novel Xi Hua Zhi (惜花芷) by Kong Liu (空留)

Episodes: 40

Blossoms In Adversity Synopsis

After being in hiding for fifteen years, Hua Zhi originally thought that she could be the most qualified daughter of an aristocratic family and be stable for the rest of her life. However, when the Hua family building was about to collapse, she had to show her talents and step forward to support this precarious family.

It is normal to show off her face. She often ran away, and when she couldn’t get through it, she even took her younger siblings with them carrying coffins to fight against each other. Her reputation as someone not to be trifled with spread throughout the capital. She was mentally prepared to stab her if the family turned against her, and she was also prepared to die alone. Du Du did not expect that someone would put on armor and promise her life before going off to war! How strange that there are still people in this world who dare to marry her!

Blossoms In Adversity Cast

Hu Yi Tian as Gu Yanxi
Zhang Jing Yi as Hua Zhi
Wu Xi Ze as Shen Qi
Lu Yu Xiao as Shao Yao
Bian Cheng as Shen Huan
Myolie Wu as Xia Jin’e
Liu Jia as Old Madame
Yang Ming Na as Qi Huilan
Eddie Ko as Hua Yizheng
Tian Miao as Zhu Yingzhen
Fang Chu Tong as Wu Yuniang
Hu Chun Yang as Li Hou
Liang Zhi Qing as Hua Qin
Huang Si Rui as Hua Rong
Wang Qiao Xi as Hua Ling
Chen Heng as Madame Qin
Zhang Shu Yan as Madame Qiu
Zhong Xiao Qi as Ying Chun
Wang Li Na as Bao Xia
Yao Xiao Xiao as Nian Qiu
Yin Yue as Fu Dong

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