Love Is Full Of Jiudaowan

Love Is Full Of Jiudaowan Chinese drama

Title: Love Is Full Of Jiudaowan

Chinese Title: 情满九道弯 / Qing Man Jiu Dao Wan

Broadcast Network: CCTV, Youku

Broadcast Date: 17 February 2023

Genre: Period, Life, Romance, Drama

Director: Liu Jia Cheng

Screenwriter: Wang Zhi Li

Episodes: 40

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Love Is Full Of Jiudaowan Synopsis


This is the story of four youngsters, a man and three women who will love him, who grew up together in Beijing and will go through the twists and turns in life.

In the winter of 1979, Yang Shumao returns home after graduating. He hopes to climb the social ladder and become a business to be at the level of his first love, Shi Xiaona, a rich heiress. With that objective, he works with his childhood friend Zhao Yajing who’s secretly in love with him. However, Shi Xiaona always stepped in between them. But when Shi Xiaona’s father, considering Yan Shumao too humble to be his son-in-law, sanctions him, Yang Shumao realizes the social difference between him and Shi Xiaona and drifts away from her.

Yang Shumao then realized that Ye Fei, his other childhood friend, is the most perfect partner for him. But his mother thinks otherwise, as she is much closer to Zhao Yajing and wants her as her daughter-in-law.

Love Is Full Of Jiudaowan Cast


Main Roles

Han Dong Jun as Yang Shumao
Re Yi Zha as Ye Fei
Chen Yao as Shi Xiaona
Chong Dan Ni as Zhao Yajing

Supporting Roles


Sa Ri Na as Mother Yang
Bi Yan Jun as Father Yang
Bao Xiao as Xie Zhiqiang
Luo Jing Min as Grandpa Xu
Hasi Gao Wa as Mother Ye
Zhou Ye Mang as Father Ye
Miao Liang as Niu Tinggui
Zhang Bo Yu as He Ziyang
Miao Ting Ru as Fu Heming
Wang Sha Sha as Xu Xiaofeng
Rong Zi Xi as Jia Xiaoying
Hu Yao Zhi as Shi Fangren
Rong Rong as Mother Shi
Zhang Wan Ting as Yang Shuzhi
Wu Yi Han as Yang Shuye
Sun Di as Yang Shusen
Yan Lin Fei as Yang Shulin
Xu Ge as Yang Shuying
Tian Miao as Old Aunt
Zhang Ruo Feng as Zhao Yaping
Lin Yuan as Xue Lan
Meng Xiu as Zhao Yajing’s mother
Wu Nan as Hong Yan
Li Zheng Lin as Shi Xiaojun
Fan Xing as Zhang Lizhang
Qian Bo as Jia Shifa
Jin Shun Zi as Mother Jia
Yang Miao as Xiao Xia
Wu Mei Yi as Chen Yuying
Yan Wen Jun as Hua Mei
Qin Jun Jie as Xiao Feng’s father
Zhang Yu Ti as Xiao Feng’s mother
Shi Chao as Big Brother-in-law
Cao Xin Yue as Big Sister
Liu Hui as Second Sister
Zhou Jin Tao as Second Brother-in-law
Wang Heng as Third Brother-in-law
Qin Hai as Jiang Yongsheng
Yao Bin as Liu Jiancai
Cheng Fan as Li Wenxi
Hai Yi Tian as Liu Shikuan
Wang Bao Kun as Hu Ke
Hu Jia Hui as A Qiao
Liang Yun Fei as Xin Xin
Li Zhen Xiao as A Kang
Hou Yu as Zhi Qing Team Leader
Liu Ling Zhi as Team Leader Liu
Liu Hui as Old Chief
Zou De Jiang as Chief Ren
Huang Ning Sheng as Uncle Liu
Qie Lu Tong as Liu Qiaoqiao
Shi Dong Dong as Brother Qiao
Zhao Shu Yu as Cao Yingying
Tan Bo Lin as Chen Hao
Wu Yu Ze as Li Jin
Liu Yi Tong as Yao Xi
Li Han Jun as Director
Ran Xiao Dong as Uncle Shi
Kang Xue Song as Secretary Guan
Liu Yan as Wang Lao Wu
Huang Jun Peng as Mayor
Zhang Wei as Chief Ge
Ma Zeng Lin as Secretary Yan
Chu Yue Xia as Wu Junxiu
Yan Bei as Boss Lu
Ma Tie Cheng as Director General
Pang Cong as Yang Ye


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